Silk Ro<span id="more-102"></span>ad Founder Ross Ulbricht Faces Life in Prison After Guilty Verdict

Silk Road creator Ross Ulbricht’s luck finally ran out after a jury found the Dark web business owner guilty on seven federal counts, one by having a mandatory prison sentence that is 20-year.

Silk Road creator Ross Ulbricht is facing life in prison following a federal jury found him guilty on all seven charges associated with the Dark Net marketplace that specific in the illegal purchase of anything from heroin to hitmen’s services.

Using the supposedly cryptocurrency that is untraceable for its financial deals, Silk path became the de facto Amazon marketplace for every illicit thing anyone could ever want.

Prosecuting attorneys successfully argued the 30-year-old operated the underground exchange using the pseudonym 'Dread Pirate Roberts’ to allow internet surfers to offer a number of contraband, hacking tutorials, and worse.

After three weeks of testimony, the jury took simply three-and-a-half hours to achieve its verdict, with sentencing planned for May 15.

Online Gambling Connection

US Attorney Preet Bharara, the lead prosecutor within the suit against Ulbricht, is a strong gambling that is anti-online who had been recently considered by President Obama to replace outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder.

Bharara is infamous among Internet poker fans for being responsible for 'Black Friday,’ the Department of Justice’s crackdown and removal of PokerStars, Comprehensive Tilt, and Absolute Poker from the United States online gaming market. At the time, he referred to online gambling as a 'concocted and elaborate fraud that is criminal,’ with the defendants engaged in 'massive money laundering and bank fraud.’

Bitcoin Betrayal?

Even though President passed over Bharara for Attorney General, the Silk Road instance could add credence to those in energy who are seek to ban iGaming in america because of its acceptance of the digital currency Bitcoin.

Especially, that includes Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) who recently announced his own 2016 GOP exploratory that is presidential committee. a cohort that is close of Vegas Sands magnate Sheldon Adelson, the senator is adamant that Internet gaming is directly associated with terrorism.

During his questioning of nominated Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Graham asked, 'Would you agree one of the best ways for the organization that is terrorist a criminal enterprise in order to enrich themselves would be to have online video gaming that could be very difficult to manage?’

Once a rising commodity that attracted Wall Street investors, Bitcoin’s cost nose-dived following the revelation that criminals discovered its anonymous and de-centralized nature an ideal currency for fraudulent activities.

Nonetheless, Bitcoin has remained a widely used online poker money at several internet sites, including Seals with Clubs, a system that keeps accounts anonymous and caters to Americans.

Ross Ulbricht Plummets Faster than Bitcoin

Launched last year, the story of Silk Road reads like a Jason Statham thriller, but in reality Texas native Ulbricht was the mastermind, operating the Deep Web forum from his small apartment in San Francisco with just a laptop and Wi-Fi.

According to proof presented in court, during the next three years, his platform executed more than one million medication discounts, leaving Ulbricht a revenue of over $18 million in Bitcoins.

Ulbricht’s parents, who maintain his purity, insisting he was the fall man for Silk path, claim their son just got in over his head. His mother Lyn claims, 'He’s very idealistic and I could see Ross thinking, ’ I would like to create a market that is open people can freely trade.”

But with a Bitcoin bank account growing exponentially, he apparently destroyed the 'friendly, compassionate, caring’ nature his mother described. He was considering hiring hit men to murder five Silk Road users who threatened to reveal his identity when he was arrested, his computer seizure showed activity suggesting.

Following Ulbricht’s arrest, Silk Road 2.0 straight away launched, nevertheless the site was shutdown by the federal government exactly a year later, along with his successor Blake Benthall taken into custody.

Netanyahu’s Likud Denies Adelson that is giving Leg-up Japan Casino Bid

Best of friends: Sheldon Adelson and Binyamin Netanyahu, but has the latter been making inappropriate advancements to the government that is japanese behalf of his casino magnate buddy? Likud says no. (Image: flash90)

Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party has angrily denied reports that the Israeli prime minister attempted to influence the Japanese government on behalf of his friend and close confidante Sheldon Adelson.

Israeli paper Haaretz advertised this week that during a 'financial work check out’ to Tokyo in might 2014, Netanyahu asked a 'very senior source in the government that is japanese to look favorably on Adelson’s ambitions to build a casino resort in Japan, a demand which was reportedly rejected.

Haaretz’s source claims that the Japanese official was 'shocked’ during the suggestion, and informed his colleagues about any of it.

’This is a completely false 'report,’ which has no foundation or connection to reality whatsoever,’ said a representative for Likud. ’ The prime minister didn’t ask for a 'private’ meeting with any sources into the Japanese government, and certainly don’t ask for a meeting to test and advance Mr. Adelson’s passions, or those of anyone else. The things that were stated simply never were.’

Sleeping Giant

Adelson made no key of his desire to build a casino resort in Japan once the country’s lawmakers started debating the possibility of opening up the market to legal casino gambling year that is last.

The nation’s ruling Liberal Democrat Party submitted a bill to parliament in early December 2013 that aimed regulation that is establish a gaming market that experts think may potentially be the second-largest on earth, after Macau.

It is estimated that Japan’s casino market could eventually produce $40 billion in revenue annually.

The casino magnate vowed that he would spend 'whatever it takes’ to gain a foothold in Japan should the nation legalize land-based casinos, later clarifying that 'whatever it takes’ will be ten dollars billion.

Adelson even told a press conference in Tokyo that he free slot play titanic would pay that sum in 'cash’ if necessary and that he had already create workplaces in the united kingdom and was ready to begin taking on staff.

Regulation Postponed

Today, however, Adelson’s Japanese office is most likely instead peaceful; Japan’s casino bill did not pass during 2014, as anticipated, inspite of the backing that is tacit of Minister Shinzo Abe.

The united states had wanted to ready its casino market to cash in at the 2020 Olympics, a deadline it has probably missed, as a result of lengthy bidding procedure that would ensue following legalization and timeframe it takes to make large casino buildings.

It looks like Adelson must await his mega-resort that is japanese, but he remains fixated on eastward expansion. 'Right now our focus is on encouraging countries that are asian like Japan and Korea, to dramatically enhance their tourism providing through the development of integrated resorts there,’ he stated recently.

Sheldon Adelson is certainly no stranger to forming political alliances in order to further their very own ends and his relationship with Netanyahu is no key.

Sheldon Adelson has the free daily Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom, that will be therefore pro-Netanhayu that it has been accused of compromising the foundations of Israeli democracy.

Miami Cops Accused of Protecting Illegal Gambling Ring

Miami authorities officer Jerry Sutherland surrendered to the FBI after being accused of offering protection to a gambling that is illegal in the city. (Image: CBS4)

A Miami police officer surrendered to FBI officials Monday on charges which he took money re payments from an illegal sports gambling procedure in Liberty City in trade for protection solutions.

The officer, a patrolman named Jerry Sutherland, was charged with two counts of extortion under the Hobbs Act.

The crimes carry a sentence that is potential of to 20 years in prison each.

According to an FBI press release, Sutherland was charged by information rather than indictment.

It’s usually a sign that he could be cooperating with investigators within the investigation, though his lawyers never have released any facts about the case.

They did, however, say that they were happy with the $50,000 bond that Sutherland was granted in Miami federal court.

Police Chief 'Disappointed’ By Officer

The charges prompted a statement from Miami Police Chief Rodolfo Llanes, who said that the alleged crimes should not be taken as an indictment of this whole police division.

’we am disappointed and disheartened that Officer Jerry Sutherland has been arrested by the FBI,’ Llanes said in the statement today. 'The Miami Police Department’s Internal Affairs Section has assisted the FBI right from the start of this investigation. Without a doubt that these allegations are taken by us very seriously.’

’The allegations Mr. that is surrounding Sutherland in no way a reflection of the hard working men and women of the Miami Police Department,’ Llanes added.

According to a press launch from the FBI, Sutherland is alleged to have agreed to protect the recreations betting ring 'on or around January 28, 2014.’ It further alleges that Sutherland 'facilitated the theft of arises from a gambling that is illegal in exchange for the receipt of cash payments’ last July.

No information was provided on the gambling ring that Sutherland was supposedly protecting.

Sutherland, 28, has become a known member of the Miami Police Department since soon after graduating from high college.

He also once attempted to run for the City Commission seat in 2010, but fell short in their effort.

Miami Police Department No Stranger to Sports Betting Controversies, Officer Misconduct

The case is merely certainly one of several related to activities gambling and misconduct by officers which have recently surfaced in the Miami Police Department.

In 2013, a significant sports gambling protection racket had been busted, ending the careers of approximately ten Miami police officers who were fired, resigned, or were convicted of crimes in relation to the betting ring that was based out of a barber shop that is local.

That case was apparently unrelated to the Sutherland arrest.

In a separate case, three Miami police and two helps were suspended after being suspected of using kickbacks from towing organizations.

Based on the allegations, Officers Michael Bode, Artice Peoples and Julio Ruiz were directing tow truck companies to traffic accidents rather than using the companies which had contracts with the city of Miami, and gathered payments from providing the details.

More recently, that investigation has expanded by the FBI to check into other officers in the Miami-Dade Police Department and other agencies.

There are suspicions that the scheme went beyond kickbacks to offers and also involved auto body shops that overstated the damage to vehicles to be able to boost the value of insurance claims.