ESSA Says Tennis Had Most Betting that is suspicious Patterns Q1 2015

ESSA Says Tennis Had Most Betting that is suspicious Patterns Q1 2015

Ukraine’s Denys Molchanov ended up being part of a match-fixing allegation at a tennis tournament earlier this season.

Match fixing is among the biggest concerns for activities fans, organizations and bookmakers alike, as nothing about sports can work without knowing that the competition has integrity.

That’s why the European Sports Security Association (ESSA) has begun monitoring and reporting on suspicious betting patterns, providing insight into exactly what tournaments are attracting the most unusual wagers.

Into the very first such quarterly report, ESSA found that it absolutely was tennis that triggered both the most alerts and the many suspicious activity during the first three months of 2015.

A total of 27 alerts had been raised over unusual patterns that are betting tennis during those months, with 17 of them being deemed suspicious.

Tennis, Soccer Generate Bulk of Alerts

As a whole, there were 49 alerts raised during the quarter after uncommon sizes or numbers of bets were made on individual activities. After tennis, soccer saw many suspicious activity, with 13 alerts raised and three finally considered to be suspicious.

’Fundamentally, betting-related match-fixing is an attempt to defraud betting operators and their clients by corrupting sports,’ said ESSA chairman Mike O’Kane. 'It is definitely an problem that triggers economic and social damage and that calls for worldwide cross-sector coop (więcej…)